Pet Euthanasia
in Berthoud, CO

Here at Berthoud Animal Hospital, we know how much your beloved pet means to you and your family. Deciding that it is time for pet euthanasia services is never easy. Our team is here to help you make the difficult decision and answer the question is it time? If you think that euthanasia may be an option for your beloved pet, call our animal hospital to schedule a consultation with a veterinarian. Scheduling an appointment will allow the veterinarian to assess your pet’s mental and physical state, comfort level, and current health status. We are here to support you through the process and make the right decision for your pet.

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What to Expect

If you decide that it is time for euthanasia, please call us and we will schedule an appointment for your pet when you are ready. To make the process as easy as possible for you, here is what you can expect:

Our Comfort Room

When you arrive at Berthoud Animal Hospital, you will be escorted into our comfort room. This room at our facility will give you and your beloved pet privacy and hopefully help you to relax.

Review Paperwork and Process

A team member will arrive shortly to review paperwork, body care options, and payment. We discuss these topics first so you can spend as much time with your pet as needed afterwards. If you have any specific requests or accommodations, please feel free to let us know.

During a euthanasia, you are able to decide what you would prefer to be done with your pet’s body. In all cases, we will treat their body with respect and do with it what you wish. For many people, home burial is very important. For others, private cremation is the best option. In this case, owners will receive their pet’s ashes back. And for some, they wish for us to discard of the body for them. In this case, we utilize a company that will cremate your pet with others and scatter their ashes on their property, but there is still a fee for this. If you’d like to use a separate company for your pet’s body care, let your receptionist or technician know and they will accommodate.

Private/Group Cremations: We use Precious Memories for cremation. Private cremations are a process in which your pet’s body will be transferred to Precious Memories facility and cremated privately. Their ashes will be returned to us and available for pick up within a couple weeks. The price of Private Cremation will depend on the weight of your pet. (Prices begin at $120) Group Cremation is also performed by Precious Memories, but your pet will be cremated with other pets and you will not receive their ashes back. The price of group cremation will also depend on your pet’s weight. (Prices begin at $70)

Home Burials: There is no charge for you taking your pet home for burial, you will only be charged for the euthanasia fee. We have donated blankets if you’d wish to respectfully cover their body during transit.

Claw Paw Prints: Every euthanasia fee includes 1 claw paw print, which takes an impression of your pet’s paw in clay. Any additional paw print is $15. We do not bake your pet’s paw print for you, in case there is any changes you would like to make to the clay. Baking instructions will be including in the container of their paw print. We also have small hair jar memorabilia and ink nose/paw prints available upon request.


A technician will return to the room with a sedation protocol for your pet. We sedate each pet prior to euthanasia to decrease stress and keep them as comfortable as possible. It will take about ten to fifteen minutes for the sedation to take full effect once it is administered, bringing your pet into a deep sleep. In some cases, pets may pass at this time. This is normal and is usually a sign that your pet was ready to go.

Saying Goodbyes

When you are ready, the technician and veterinarian will return to place an IV catheter, which will allow for seamless administration of the final medication. Once the catheter is placed, we will provide you and your pet some privacy for your final goodbyes. Remember, feel free to take as much time with your pet as needed before, during and after the procedure.

Always Remembered

When you are ready to leave, we request that you turn off the lights in the comfort room and close the door behind you. This will let our technicians know that you have departed. The technician will then return to the room to respectfully cover your pet’s body with a soft blanket. Your pet’s body will be transferred to the Precious Memories facility for aftercare, based on your request. If you need any additional resources for grieving or remembering a beloved pet, please let our team know.

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