Our Hospital’s Operations During COVID-19

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Considering the recent spread of coronavirus, COVID-19, we understand your life may have been disrupted with changes and closures. Many of us have had to change the way we operate our home-life, businesses, shopping, and how we access healthcare. With all of the uncertainty, we are proud to be your stability. We want you to know we are here for you, and your pets during an uncertain time with normal business hours. The health of our patients, clients, and team members are always our first priority! Our mission is to serve the community and provide a place for your pets to access medical care and treatment when you need help. To ensure we can provide uninterrupted service to you, we have plans in place for pandemic events to ensure everyone’s safety.

At this time, our operations have been changed to curb-side appointments to ensure the health of everyone.

What this means for you and your pet:

  • To ensure everyone’s health and safety, we are not allowing clients into the building. (Euthanasias being the only exception.)
  • Accessibility to a cell phone is highly recommended to allow seamless and time effective communication between you and your veterinarian.
  • We request that you please do not leave our location until you are checked out and your appointment is over. Doing so will result in a lapse in our appointment times and more time your pet is away from you.
  • When you arrive at our location, park and stay inside your car and call our front office. If you have walked, there are seats located in the shade of the building for your comfort and convenience.
  • After you have called us, a Customer Service Representative will check you in and place you on a brief hold to connect you to your veterinary technician. Your technician will gather a history for your veterinarian, gather your contact information, and retrieve your pet from you outside the building. In an effort to decrease contact, we will assign a square for you and your technician to meet and your technician will bring your pet inside for their exam. (There are duct tape squares located on the sidewalk directly in front of our building.)
  • After your pet’s exam, your veterinarian will call you on the contact provided to your technician, relay their findings, and create a medical plan for you and your pet if needed. They will then place you on a brief hold to connect you to our Client Service Representatives for payment. We highly encourage taking payment over the phone, however, if you are not comfortable with so, we will make exceptions.
  • After payment, your technician will return your pet to you in your designated square. While curb-side appointments may seem much different and perhaps scary, we ensure you that nothing has changed other than clients not being allowed inside the building. Our staff is still providing you and your pet the best care and compassion possible. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our current operations, please contact us!

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